Kultura 2.0 - Cyfrowy wymiar przyszłości Kultura 2.0 - Cyfrowy wymiar przyszłości Kultura 2.0 - Cyfrowy wymiar przyszłości

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Blog „Kultura 2.0” jest częścią projektu „Kultura 2.0” (w jego skład wchodzi jeszcze konferencja „Kultura 2.0. Media – sztuka- dziedzictwo. Cyfrowy wymiar przyszłości” oraz „Raport”), którego celem jest systematyczna refleksja nad zmianami, jakie zachodzą w kulturze pod wpływem rozwoju technologii cyfrowych. W blogu będziemy informować i dyskutować o najnowszych faktach i wydarzeniach, zastanawiając się nad ich rolą dla rozwoju sfery komunikacji społecznej, tworzenia i uczestnictwa w kulturze, zarządzania kulturą, polityki kulturalnej.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I work at l?Atelier Audiovisuel, a digital agency in charge of the Forum d?Avignon?s fingerprint on the internet.

    The Forum d?Avignon was created after the ratification of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity, and since its beginning, has been backed by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Each year the Forum organizes, with its partners, international meetings which provide opportunities for unique discussions and exchanges between actors from the worlds of culture, the creative industries, the economy and the media.
    Every year in November since 2008, le Forum d?Avignon groups for three days in the ancient Papal Palace in the south of France dozens of artists, politicians and strong personalities from the world of culture to discuss, debate and expose about economical and cultural issues.

    And all along the year the Forum d?Avignon produces working groups, studies, debates and articles as a regular and non-partisan think tank.

    In the context of an european and international development of the Forum d?Avignon, we would like to offer you and your blog the opportunity to become an editorial partner. Find below some actions we can set together :
    ? We can provide you exclusive news on the Forum d?Avignon, its work and its action;
    ? Editorial white card (you would be the chief editor of the Forum d?Avignon?s website for a few weeks);
    ? Contribution (you would write an article on a topic to discuss from time to time);
    ? And of course, we can invite you to the Forum d?Avignon 2013. The event will stand from November 21 to 23 and the main theme will be ?Culture & Power?.

    More information on the Forum d?Avignon 2013 :

    I remain at your disposal to answer any of your questions and to discuss about the outlines of the relation we could build on the Forum d?Avignon.

    Thank you,
    Best regards.
    Nicolas Guiloineau.